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It’s the best day of my life. Jay Sean Retweeted me and my life was made.

Never been a believer in love, but if I fall I want to fall hard. I want us to travel and explore the world together. I want to be able to experience everything out there with that someone special. Too bad I can’t like someone for more than a second.

I hate being lied to more than anything. I lied before. Yes. It’s somewhat hypocrisy, yes. But it was more of no mom, not going to the party going to spend time at so and so’s house. NEVER when I knew it was going to hurt someone. That’s terrible and probably the worst thing to do.

Every time I think of this particular thing and think of how everything slipped away from my hands. I just can’t deal with it.

Happiness is really expensive. You lose some and you gain some. But at the end it’ll be worth it. Most of our purpose in life is to be happy, to live life and this is the only way to do it.

I feel like if someone likes you or has feelings they should act on it without doing anything.

That is the definition of a broken heart.

Either way it is in your control. It is up to you what road you want to take.

I have tried to put others ahead of me and it does nothing but slap me across the face. I need to live my life. I need to focus on making those that do care about me happy and the only way I can do that is trying to be happy myself.

I don’t really know what it feels like to be IN love or to fall IN love. I feel like it doesn’t exist, but if there is a slight possibility that it does then it is something like this.

This is words I live by. I am all about peace and such, but if you’re creating problems out of thin air then I have no problem of cutting you out of my life.

Words to live by.